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Custom Wine Coolers

Custom Wine Coolers

Welcome to the WIKI wine cabinet series. This compact temperature-controlled unit provides a dedicated space to preserve wine under ideal conditions, including consistent temperatures, appropriate humidity levels and minimal vibration. WIKI wine refrigerators are equipped with features such as adjustable shelves to accommodate a variety of bottle sizes, UV-resistant glass doors to protect against light, and technology to reduce vibrations that can interfere with the wine aging process. Suitable for both casual wine enthusiasts and serious collectors, these devices provide a convenient and space-saving alternative to traditional wine cellars while ensuring wine is stored in conditions that enhance its flavor and longevity.
Our wine cabinets have large capacities and can also meet the different needs of commercial and residential spaces. Available in a variety of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your environment. Enhance your wine storage with our customized services to suit your unique preferences. Discover the fusion of style and function in WIKI wine cabinets.

Benefits of WIKI's Wine Coolers

Anti-Vibration Protection

If you have previously stored your wine in a room with a dryer, washing machine, etc., you may have noticed that your wine has accumulated some sediment at the bottom of the bottle. This is because the chemical reactions in the wine are disrupted by these vibrations, causing the wine to taste, smell, and look well below par. Your wine cabinet will be best served by placing it in a room free of potentially disturbing vibrations.


In addition to vibrations affecting your wine, if the sun is too strong and UV rays are constantly hitting your bottle, this can cause serious damage to every entity of your wine. When exposed to these UV rays, wine can taste bland, even if the bottle is dark. Each wine cabinet has a wooden or glass door with thick insulated glass that provides some support and protection from UV rays. Most advanced wine coolers have internal lighting (LED lighting) that emits a soft glow without radiating any heat to your bottles.

Budget Friendly

As opposed to other storage options like wine cabinets and traditional wine cellars, wine cabinets will be much cheaper. Wine cabinets are often just built on demand, rather than the high-tech machinery or months of wine cellar planning that go into a low-temperature wine cabinet.
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Why Choose Our Wine Coolers?

0.1 Rich Market Experience

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of red wine coolers, and have an in-depth understanding of market needs and trends. Through cooperation with different customers, we have accumulated rich market experience and are able to provide customers with professional suggestions and solutions.

0.2 Customization Capabilities

We can provide customized wine refrigerator products according to customers' specific needs. Whether it is market access certification requirements for different markets or customers' specific voltage and power cord requirements, we are able to flexibly respond and carry out customized design and production. We focus on the reliability and stability of our products and use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure that our products can operate stably over a long period of use.

0.3 Excellent Product Quality

We have always taken product quality as our core competitiveness and are committed to providing high-quality red wine refrigerator products. During the production process, we adopt strict quality inspection standards and process control to ensure that every link meets high-standard quality requirements. In addition, we conduct full inspections of key components to ensure product stability and reliability.

0.4  Temperature and Humidity Control Capabilities

The storage of red wine requires specific temperature and humidity conditions. Our red wine cooler products have precise temperature and humidity control capabilities. Through advanced refrigeration technology and humidity adjustment functions, our products can provide the best storage environment for red wine, ensuring the stability of wine quality and taste. We focus on energy efficiency and conservation and are committed to providing energy-saving wine refrigerator products. By adopting advanced energy-saving technology and intelligent control systems, our products can minimize energy consumption and reduce customers' usage costs while ensuring the quality of wine storage.

0.5 Timeliness of Delivery

We attach great importance to customers' delivery requirements and strive to meet customer needs. In sample orders, we are able to complete delivery within 40-45 days, and for bulk orders, our delivery time is 50-55 days. In addition, for particularly urgent orders, we will try our best to coordinate and adjust the delivery time to help customers achieve their business goals.

0.4  Complete After-sales Support

We provide comprehensive after-sales support to ensure customer satisfaction and continued cooperation. For bulk orders, we provide free spare parts and guarantee the total value of spare parts to be 1% of the goods value. In addition, our sales team is always online, ready to coordinate and solve customer problems and answer customer concerns.

Wine Coolers Custom Options

Rich Market Experience

We provide two cooler materials, black metal and stainless steel, for customers to choose from. The black metal cooler presents a low-key luxury feel, while the stainless steel cooler is more modern and fashionable. Different material choices can be carefully matched according to your personal preferences and overall decoration style, so that the wine cooler complements your home environment.

Door Style

We provide a variety of door style options, including stainless steel spliced doors, foam doors, full-glass doors, plastic doors and aluminum alloy doors, etc. Different door styles have their own characteristics and aesthetic effects. For example, the stainless steel spliced door body shows strong and durable characteristics, while the full-glass doors body adds a transparent and clear visual effect. You can choose the door style that best suits your aesthetic preferences and design needs.

Face Mask Style

Face mask styles include frosted and shiny. Matte masks offer a soft, noble texture, while glossy masks offer a bright, stylish look. Different mask styles can add a unique touch and visual effect to your wine cooler, making your custom product more personal.

Handle Style

We provide a variety of handle styles to choose from, such as straight handles, curved handles and professional handles. These different handle styles can add different design elements and humanized operating experience to the wine cooler. Whether you prefer a simple and modern style or a classic retro style, you can choose the right handle style based on your personal preference.

Vent Grille Style

The choice of vent grille style can further change the appearance of the wine cooler. Different grille styles can present different decorative effects, such as traditional grilles, modern minimalist grilles or other special designs. By customizing the grille style of the air outlet, you can better integrate your wine cooler into your home environment.

Shelves Style

Our wine coolers offer custom shelving options including wood, wire, and glass shelving. Choose from wooden shelving for timeless elegance, wire for a contemporary feel or glass for a modern feel. Personalize your wine storage room to match style and functionality.

Door Hinge Type

We provide a variety of options such as ordinary door hinges, special door hinges and zero-clearance door hinges. Different door hinge types have different functional features and operating methods. You can choose the most suitable door hinge type according to your needs to ensure the flexibility and convenience of the wine cooler in daily use.

Compressor Brand

We provide multiple compressor brands for customers to choose from. Different brands of compressors may have slight differences in performance and durability, and customers can choose the most suitable brand based on their preferences and needs. We are committed to providing high-quality compressors to ensure stable operation and good temperature control of your wine cooler.

Temperature Range

Our wine coolers can be customized in temperature range according to customer requirements. Whether you are storing red or white wine, you can adjust the temperature range according to the needs of your wine to ensure that the quality of your wine is best protected and displayed.

LED Lighting Color

We provide a variety of LED lighting colors for customers to choose from, such as blue, white, warm yellow, etc. Different light colors can bring different atmospheres and visual effects to the wine cooler, and can also meet customers' personalized needs for lighting requirements.


The PANEL READY option allows customers to install panels according to their own needs, so that the wine cooler can be seamlessly integrated with other furniture. Customers can choose suitable panel materials according to their home decoration style and install them on the wine cooler to obtain a more unified and integrated appearance.

Wine Coolers Ordering Process

Understand the Customer's Market Background

Before starting the order process, we will first communicate with the customer and understand the customer's market background. This includes market access certification requirements, voltages, power cords, etc.

Order Evaluation By the Technical Department

Based on the needs and requirements provided by the customer, our technical department will conduct an initial evaluation of the order. They will comprehensively consider the technical feasibility and production feasibility of the product to ensure that it can meet customer's needs.

Sales Department Feedback

If the order is evaluated by the technical department and there are no problems,The sales department will confirm the delivery time with the customer based on the delivery time of 30-45 days for sample orders and 50-55 days for bulk orders, and notify the customer in time. If the customer has an urgently needed order, we will also We can try our best to help customers adjust the delivery time.

Sample Order Arrangement

Once the delivery date is confirmed, we will start arranging the production of the sample order. The technical department will generate technical plans and issue them to various departments for material preparation and production planning arrangements. After confirming the production completion time, we will start manufacturing the sample order.

Incoming Material Inspection

Before the materials arrive at the production line, we will conduct comprehensive inspection and sampling inspection of the incoming materials. Among them, key components need to be comprehensively inspected to ensure that their quality meets the requirements.

Production Process Control

 During the production process, quality inspection personnel will conduct secondary inspections before the materials go online and track the production status of the products throughout the process. They will record the quality of each link of the product and use product production tracking sheets to monitor and control quality levels. This ensures that the quality of the product during the production process meets requirements.

Shipping and Packaging

For sample orders, we will arrange wooden box packaging to ensure safe transportation of the products. For bulk orders, we will ship via ocean container. During the cabinet loading process, warehouse personnel and sales staff will follow up throughout the process to ensure that the products are safely loaded into cabinets.

After-sales Support

For bulk orders, we will provide free spare parts as after-sales support based on 1% of the value of the goods. In addition, our sales staff are always online to coordinate customer questions and answer customer concerns.

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