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Welcome To Explore Our Customized Services

As a professional refrigeration home appliance manufacturer, WIKI provides customers with customized development services for wine cabinets, beverage cabinets, refrigerators, freezers and other products. Our R&D team is committed to the development of better, more environmentally friendly and energy-saving products. By cooperating with us, you can get personalized design and technical solutions to create unique and high-quality customized products.Our customization process is simple and clear. You can follow the page guidance to learn about our customization services, and fill out the customization request form to start your customization journey.Whether you are an importer, manufacturer or brand owner, we welcome you to explore our customization services and learn about our customization cases.

Customized Services

  • Size model
  • Door body selection
  • Facial mask selection
  • Handle selection
  • Air outlet frame
  • Door hinge
  • Shelves
  • Temperature range
  • New product development

Size Model

Based on width
148mm 295mm 300mm 375mm 380mm 450mm 595mm 680mm 750mm 900mm 910mm

Door Body Selection

Door frames and insulated glass
Door Frame

Stainless steel spliced door

Stainless steel spliced door

Stainless steel spliced door

Stainless steel spliced door

Stainless steel spliced door

Facial mask selection

Based on width

Frosted Mask

Glossy Mask

Handle Selection

Door frames and insulated glass

Straight handle

Professional handle

Curved handle

Air outlet frame

Based on width

Refrigerator stainless steel air outlet frame

Black air outlet frame

Door hinges

Based on width

Ordinary Door Hinges

Special Door Hinges


Door frames and insulated glass

Wooden Shelves

Glass Shelves

Steel Wire Shelf

Temperature Range

Door frames and insulated glass

Single Temperature Zone

Dual Temperature Zone

Three Temperature Zones

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New Product Development

In the future,WIKI appliance will be committed to achieving long-term development at the economic, environmental and social levels,balancing the relationships between various stakeholders,pursuing long-term sustainable competitive advantages,and committing to creating shared value and contributing to society.

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WiKi specializes in high-end built-in or upright frost-free refrigeration appliances, offering wine coolers, beverage coolers, refrigerators and freezers, and outdoor options for home and commercial use. If you want to make an inquiry or place an order, please feel free to send us your information.
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