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About us

Wiki Appliance is a professional refrigeration factory. It is mainly engaged in built-in, frost-free products, including wine cooler,beverage cooler,refrigerator,freezers,outdoor refrigeration and other household,commercial products. Wiki Appliance is continuously innovating and introducing new products, and improving existing products to adapt to trends in kitchen, bar, outdoor kitchen,all while using less energy.

Wiki Appliance’s team comes from some of famous home appliance groups and has rich experiences of developing, manufacturing, factory management and quality control.

Wiki Appliance is working hard to become an award-winning market leader in premium built-in refrigeration and wine preservation products.

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Foshan Shunde Wiki Electrical Co., Ltd

Add: 5-2-5 FuAn Jiyue Industrial District, Leliu, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China.
Tel:   86-757-29390269   Fax: 86-757-29390262
E-mail: cody@wikicooler.com